Your Love (Deluxe Edition) (CD + DVD + Blu-ray)

Four years after his last full-length album, Leehom Wang returns with the highly anticipated Your Love! Centering on the concept of love, the album relays stories of love at different stages, from heartbreak to elation.

This edition includes a bonus DVD and a bonus Blu-ray containing music videos and makings (DVD and Blu-ray contain same content).

Your Love Deluxe

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你的愛 “First Love” CD

Purchase Leehom’s newest album, 你的愛 <First Love>, (CD & poster calendar).

01. 前奏 
 Your Love CD
02. 天翻地覆
03. 裂心
04. 忘我
05. 你的愛
06. 就是現在
07. 七十億分之一
08. In Your Eyes
09. 保護
10. 夢寐以求
11. 微博控
12. 愛一點
13. 忘我(抒情版)

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Blackhat 2015


Watch Leehom in Blackhat. In theaters now.

Synopsis: Set in the criminal world of cyberspace, an experienced hacker serving a 13 year sentence in prison is recruited by FBI and CIA authorities to capture a cyber-hacker committing high level terrorist attacks around the world with no apparent reason. The chase leads them on a worldwide adventure from New York to L.A. to Tokyo to Jakarta. As they begin to start getting closer to him, they discover horrifying motives and secrets that could never have been predicted.


World Radio Day – 13 FEBRUARY 2015

Wang Leehom is a Chinese-American singer, songwriter, music producer, actor and film director. Known as the “King of Chinese Pop”, Leehom is the best-selling Mandarin-language musician of his generation. Leehom came to prominence as a teen idol in 1995, at the age of 19. He has won several awards and has performed in different countries, being one of the most known celebrities in Asia. In 2008, he carried the Olympic torch and performed during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. On his message for World Radio Day, Leehom shares with young people his passion about music and his personal relation with radio.

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Check out Leehom’s new video “Your Love” 你的愛

[Your love is the only reason I’m persistent]
Wang Leehom’s 2015 all-new album “Your Love.” 23 January, the album is officially released in Taiwan on blogs, iTunes and all digital platforms.

The title song “Your Love” has a desire to convey the belief of love and faith, that one should not retreat because of frustration and to expand the level of love; love for family, love for friends, love for a partner, love of a faith. Even more particular is the inclusion of church singing, giving it the pure sense of the sacred gift of love, letting love into your mind, taking it to another level.

Leehom treated the making of the MV for “Your Love” as though it was a movie. The creation of “Your Love” was an inspiration from God. With 700 years of history, the ancient cathedral was used for the MV shoot, to witness love, faith and miracles.

【讓我堅持的理由 只有你的愛】


因來自上帝的靈感而創作 《你的愛》