Lifeline Film

Lifeline Film by Armando Bo, featuring Leehom Wang and Olivia Munn. Special appearance by Joan Chen.

Synopsis: The intriguing 30 minute film revolves around Kai (Leehom Wang) waking up one morning in Shanghai to discover his girlfriend Emma (Olivia Munn) has disappeared and left nothing but her smartphone behind. Deeply disturbed, he has no choice but to try track her down with his only clue to discover where she went and unravel the harrowing truth.

As he tries to find her, Wang discovers more secrets about his girlfriend which makes him question both of their lives as well as her identity, something that leaves him with difficult questions and sooner than later, some unsettling answers.

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Your Love (Deluxe Edition) (CD + DVD + Blu-ray)

Four years after his last full-length album, Leehom Wang returns with the highly anticipated Your Love! Centering on the concept of love, the album relays stories of love at different stages, from heartbreak to elation.

This edition includes a bonus DVD and a bonus Blu-ray containing music videos and makings (DVD and Blu-ray contain same content).

Your Love Deluxe

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你的愛 “First Love” CD

Purchase Leehom’s newest album, 你的愛 <First Love>, (CD & poster calendar).

01. 前奏 
 Your Love CD
02. 天翻地覆
03. 裂心
04. 忘我
05. 你的愛
06. 就是現在
07. 七十億分之一
08. In Your Eyes
09. 保護
10. 夢寐以求
11. 微博控
12. 愛一點
13. 忘我(抒情版)

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